Master's Degree in Operational Finance - Management of reclassification

During the webinar we will see how the choice of a Reclassification influences the interpretation of the financial statements by the Analyst. We will deepen, with real cases, the following topics:

  • What are the best Income Statement and Balance Sheet reclassification schemes? For what reason?
  • How to manage cases in which company valuation is strongly influenced by the Reclassification of accounting entries, even before their numerical value. What are the most frequent interpretative "traps"?
  • The THREE bank valuations, most affected by the Reclassification, namely: NFP, EBITDA and LOM indicators.
  • Practical advice on how to reclassify some items of the boarder line statutory financial statements:
    – A.5 Other revenues;
    – A.4 Increases in fixed assets;
    – C.III.7. Financial assets for centralized treasury management
    – Q.3. Payables to shareholders for financing
    – Q.14. Other debts


Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator


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