The competitive advantage of professionals. Accounting data

The systems of Early Warning, the new banking legislation , management of the “post” COVID moratorium phase will radically change the professional and financial assistance needs of the Italian SMEs.

New advanced reporting services, business planning, risk management and Rating Advisory they will be requested by companies in the next 24 months. The availability of “fresh” accounting and performance data and the ability to adequately process them will become a determining factor for the construction of new services by accountants, finance professionals and corporate CFOs. During the session we will answer the following questions:

  • What new advanced professional services will be required by SMEs in the new post-pandemic scenario?
  • Why is "just" accounting management no longer sufficient and risks blocking the professional growth of the professional?
  • Why do professionals hold a important competitive advantage and how can they use it for their own benefit and for the benefit of customers?
  • Why and how accounting data becomes an asset functional to the development of high added value services related to Crisis Code, to the management of the rcontribution with banks, Rating Advisory and the relationship with the world of alternative finance?

We talked about it together with our experts during an interactive training session during which it will be possible to ask questions and interact with the speakers and experts.

Theoretical session speaker
Michele WIFE - Advisor at

Practice session speaker
Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

not ready yet
Francesco BRAMI - CEO at Change Capital



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