The Veneto Business System

The start of Phase 2 of the COVID-19 emergency requires planning the Economic Restart both at a regional and single company level. Leanus analyzed the Veneto business system in detail, segmenting it by size, business model and state of health. In this way it was possible simulate the possible impacts on the economic, equity and financial profile of the VENETIAN COMPANIES, resulting from a business contraction followed by an expansion phase.

Which categories and sectors are most at risk? And the more solid ones? How does the Moratorium affect company accounts in the short but also in the long term? Is it always right to do it?

Two possible scenarios for the main industrial sectors of the Veneto. What do the numbers and projections say? How to plan the recovery in the company: from the Cash Budget to post-moratorium bankability.

Robert Conte - Business Planner at Piano Bis - Credit analyst
Gloria Bettini - Business planner at Piano Bis
Stefano Bicego - COO of Opensymbol


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