Master in Operational Finance - The Financial Statement

"CASH IS KING" that is, we judge companies on their ability to produce positive cash flows!

Building and interpreting the Cash Flow Statement has become the daily bread for CFOs, professionals and financial analysts. You cannot analyze a company without knowing in depth its cash flow dynamics.

During the webinar we will explore the following topics with real cases:
• The construction and interpretation of the "managerial" cash flow statement with the indirect method
• What to do with abbreviated format financial statements
• The economic and equity reclassifications that modify the Cash Flow
• The Cash Flow Statement in bank format with in-depth analysis of the Working Capital
• When the EBITDA is lying and the cash is sincere!
• Net Profit + Amortization is NOT Operating Cash Flow
• Indices linked to Cash Flow
• Cash Flow in LOM Banking Metrics

Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator


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