Uncover and manage "Cash Pooling" cases with Leanus

Groups of companies often manage the treasury in a unified manner, draining liquidity from the accounts of the subsidiaries to centralize it on those of the parent company. A company subject to this dynamic could present a budget with limited financial resources, at least in appearance.

Let's see how, in such cases, Leanus it allows to:

  1. identify companies which transfer liquidity by virtue of
    Cash Pooling contracts;
  2. bring out the liquidity transferred (financial credit) e
    compute it for the purpose of calculating the main bankability indicators such as: NFP / EBITDA.

In this short video a real case is presented with indications on how to use the Leanus menus for these purposes.


NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.