Operational Finance Master - Loading accounting data from the Civil Law Scheme

Il Statutory Financial Statements it is structured according to criteria that have not been designed for managerial and financial analysis. For this reason, Analysts prefer to reorganize the accounting entries that make it up in schemes Reclassified financial statements, much more effective for assessing profitability, cash flows, capital structure, risk and many other dimensions of companies.

During the webinar we will see how to switch from a civil law analysis model to a reclassified analysis model. We will see, in particular, through practical cases, how to develop Management Schemes di Income Statement, Balance Sheet e Financial statement having the following types of Civil Accounting Data available:

  • Deposited statutory financial statements of joint stock companies, in XBRL format;
  • Deposited statutory financial statements of joint stock companies, in PDF format;
  • Statutory financial statements of partnerships, in PDF format;
  • Detailed accounting situation organized according to civil law, in PDF / Excel formats.


Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator


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