The Business Plan and impact simulations

The Business Plan is now "fundamental" for each request for funding and for bank assessment (SREP) and monitoring (LOM) procedures. It is not just a document to be attached but the planning of revenues, costs, assets, liabilities and cash. Starting from the current numbers, develops the project demonstrating its financial sustainability as well as related risks and scenarios. It must explain how many resources are required, what type and how they will be used and returned.

For the Bank it is an element to be analyzed that will contribute to the final decision. This webinar explains what is its real importance in the Bank's decision-making process which often seems lower than stated.


Speaker Theoretical session
Ivan FOGLIATA - Executive Partner at inFinance

Practical session speaker
Stefano CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

not ready yet
Giuseppe APICELLA GUERRA - Managing Director at Banca Promos Corporate Consulting srl 



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