The Benchmark and market analysis in M&A transactions

Mergers, business acquisitions and other extraordinary transactions arise from the identification of new opportunities on the market. Knowing how to adequately profile companies and be able to analyze the markets requires balance sheet data, qualitative information and a good dose of analytical skills. All necessary but not sufficient ingredients to originate real M&A opportunities.

Only the availability of an adequate corporate valuation model, able to grasp in advance the risks and opportunities hidden in the balance sheet numbers, guarantees a correct identification of the business potential.

The main ones are discussed in depth during the webinar selection criteria used by investors and the risk of false positives connected to them. With different real cases, the difference between "Make a query on a database of companies" e "Profiling target companies effectively" and how can the so-called "Weak signals" which are inherent in the numbers of companies even if not always disclosed.

Speaker Theoretical session:
Michele WIFE - Advisor at

Practical session speaker:
Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

Nicholas BRENTAN - Business Intelligence Manager Wholesale at Luxottica



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