Effects on the corporate balance sheet of the Cura Italia Decree between banks and alternative finance

The recent decree "CURA ITALIA" supports SMEs through some measures to reduce the effects of the pandemic on their economic and financial structure. The main ones make it possible to suspend the payment of mortgages and loans, preventing, under certain conditions, their revocation by the Bank. Others aim to generate liquidity through tax deferrals. During the Webinar we will analyze them focusing on the following aspects:

1. What are the 2-3 measurements with the most significant effect for business?

2. What is theirs operating mechanism? How do they compensate for the loss of turnover and the cash tensions generated by the "business block"?

3. What changes in the relationship with the Bank and how should one operate for the moratorium request? Is the rating getting worse?

4. There are forms or sources of Alternative Finance, in this context of crisis, to be placed side by side with the traditional ones?

5. What weight do the funds have? allocated to date, compared to the numbers of the Italian business system?

Tiziano Cetarini - CEO of Rewind Srl and Co-Founder Change Capital
Francesco Brami - CEO of Change Capital



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