This is how companies in the agri-food sector are evaluated

Which Ateco Codes correspond to the Agri-food Sector? Code 01 - Agricultural crops and production of animal products, hunting and related services -includes two basic activities, * the production deriving from agricultural crops and the production of animal products. Code 10 - Food industries - it includes the processing of agricultural, forestry and fishery products into edible food and drink for humans or animals, as well as the production of various intermediate products.

Is this classification sufficient to identify the various operators in the supply chain? Does the sectoral classification actually correspond to the real activity carried out by the company?

During the Webinar, together with Simone DiColantonio (Central Manager of Coldiretti CreditAgri) e Pier Paolo Quaranta (CEO of Giordano Vini) we will try to understand what are the segmentation criteria of the sector and the criteria adopted for the evaluation of the degree of reliability of the various subjects in the supply chain. Also we will try to understand what the impact of the Coronavirus Emergency may be on the different actors and the corresponding financial needs.

Simone Dicolantonio - Central Manager at Coldiretti CreditAgri
Pier Paolo Quaranta - Executive Board Member at Italian Wine Brands SpA / CEO at Giordano Vini SpA