COVID 19 - From the analysis of the Italian system - 5 actions to overcome the economic emergency

The Government has commissioned a task force led by Vittorio Colao to identify an action plan capable of restarting the economy in the shortest possible time.

Leanus and analyzed the Italian business system in detail segmenting it by size, business model, risk profile and, for each of them, the possible impacts on the economic, equity and financial profile deriving from a foreseeable business contraction in different scenarios (Optimistic, Average, Pessimistic).

The analysis also made it possible to identify 5 lines of action for businesses. During the Webinar, together with Ivan Fogliata ( we present the evidence from the study and discuss these proposals with John Bossi (CherryNpl), Franco Moscetti (OVS SpA), Daniele Lago (Lake Spa), Ivan Losio (EY), Luca Manzoni (Banco BPM) and the Prof. Vincenzo Perrone (Bocconi University).

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