CORONAVIRUS - The knots will come to a head starting from 2021. Here's Why

To assess the impact of the emergency Coronavirus we hypothesized one decrease in total revenues of 37,5%, a catastrophic hypothesis that has never been verified before; suffice it to say that the contraction in the revenues of the TOP 500 companies that occurred following the crisis of 2008 was 12,1% and then it led to a reduction in overall profits by just one percentage point.

What will happen in 2020 following the "lock-down"? What will be the financial need? Which sectors will they probably be most affected? And finally what measures should be expected to ensure that the system can return to normal as soon as possible.

During the webinar we will retrace the analysis carried out for BeBeez / MF (see article here) in which we measured the impacts both on groups of companies that are homogeneous by size and by business level (Services, Industry, Trader, Order) than on over 5000 companies with a highly compromised risk profile; we will also compare the results of the current crisis with the scenario that occurred during the 2008 crisis. The numerical evidence (see article) would show that Italy can do it and that the need for greater financial resources will occur when the recovery.

Stephanie Peveraro - EdiBeez President - BeBeez Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Apicella - Chief Executive Officer of Promos Corporate Consulting
Joseph Farinacci - Partner and Director of Boston Consulting Group
Vincenzo Perrone - Professor of Strategic Management and Organization - University


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