CONCORDATI 2019/20 - The analysis of the financial statements of two and three years before the default

The current macroeconomic context, due to the decisions relating toCovid emergency, it will probably be because of an increasing number of new defaults. During the webinar we do some simulations to intercept the types of companies at greatest risk. Insieme a Stephanie Peveraro e Vincenzo Perrone let's analyze all the main insolvency procedures open in the first 8 months of 2020. We evaluate the amount of Total Debts due to Creditors by type (Banks, Suppliers, Tax, Pensions, Other), the impact on employment; we analyze companies to understand their characteristics and history, the corporate structure, the sector to which they belong.

As usual, through the analysis of real cases, we try to understand if and in which cases it is possible anticipate the imminent state of crisis 2 or 3 years before default, which analyzes can help trigger the alert, if particular geographic areas or industrial sectors have a higher risk profile than others.

Alessandro Fischetti - Leanus administrator

Stephanie Peveraro - President EdiBeez - Chief Executive Officer BeBeez
Vincenzo Perrone - Professor of Strategic Management and Organization - Bocconi University

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