How to prepare to address OCRI in alert procedures

The new crisis code - The changes defined by Legislative Decree no.14 of 12 January 2019 will come into force on August 15, 2020, while some changes to the civil code have already entered into force. Indeed, one of the aims of the reform is that of avoiding that the delay in perceiving the signs of crisis of a company can then lead to a state of irreversible crisis. The decree provides that the entrepreneur adopts an adequate organizational structure for the purpose of promptly detecting the state of crisis; to this end, the methods for detecting any state of crisis and the indicators to be used have been defined. But what should the entrepreneur do that detects a possible state of alert? What information must he prepare to interact with the'OCRI (Corporate crisis settlement body)? Are the crisis settlement bodies set up at each Chamber of Commerce? What changes compared to the past?

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