How to interact with the customer from the first commercial contact to monitoring

Thanks to Leanus the Professional can provide new value-added services to companies, using the available accounting information that becomes the basis for a consulting support more complete.

Leanus is able to process data from any platform, no matter what accounting software you are using. In this way the range of action of the Firm is not limited only to client companies and only to accounting management but it can also extend to new businesses and new types of highly relevant support.

In the webinar we see which new services can be added to those currently provided by the Firm and it is also explained how they are to be introduced and explained to customers with whom interaction is fundamental.

Theoretical session speaker:
Michele moglia - Advisor at

Practical session speaker:
Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

Alessandro MATTAVELLI - Chartered accountant



NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.