Target companies 2021

Online webinar

How to identify the target companies on the 2021 financial statements

EBITDA in the last three years greater than the X %, NFP / Ebitda not exceeding ..., not belonging to certain sectors, with X% of recurring turnover.

These are just a few examples of traditional criteria used by Private Equity to search for potential target companies.

But how to go beyond these criteria to be the first to discuss with the companies actually in the perimeter?

During the webinar we will retrace the Leanus research methodology on the 2021 financial statements.


  • private equity: last news (Stefania Peveraro, President and co-founder of EdiBeez srl)
  • the Italian business system (Alessandro Fischetti, Leanus)
  • how to identify the target companies - Financial statements 2021 (Alessandro Fischetti, Leanus)

Watch the full video of the webinar

Only the participants will be reservedLeanus BeBeez offer dedicated to Private Equity which allows you to:

  • Access the DB of Italian companies
  • Do endless searches with basic and advanced filters
  • Elaborate endless commented and in-depth reports
  • Download the analyzes in PDF and Excel