How to calculate the indicators of the crisis from the chart of accounts

The Order of Accountants has made official, after months of intense debate, seven Indicators to be used for the new Crisis Code. These are seven parameters which, if not respected, could trigger the activation of the alert procedure at theOCRI, the last resort before the known insolvency procedures. Unfortunately, in the endless conferences held in recent months on the subject, little or nothing has been said about the practical aspects to be able to calculate the indicators when you do not have the data explicitly requested by the formulas or they are not in civil format.
For this reason we propose during the Webinar, a series of reflections and examples that will illustrate how to calculate the Indicators of the Crisis Code when the raw material available is not a statutory financial statement but a Plan of Accounts, organized according to different logics and structures.

Andrea Honors - Chartered Accountant, Auditor and Trainer - Studio Direco

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