Work out all budgets
verification also for PDFs!

Upload and analyze your accounting situation in any format

Leanus allows you to analyze 100% of the financial statements and accounting situations in your possession, even if in PDF format.

Watch the video to find out more:

Here's how it works:
  1. Search the analysis of public budgets in the DB Leanus (5+ annuities) or upload them from Official Registers
  2. Upload the accounting statements in your possession, in any format (PDF, XBRL, XML, CSV, Mode BJ, Excel models, from management software Teamsystem, Zucchetti, etc)
What happens after uploading your file (as shown in the video)?
The RAPIDO method

In most cases you will get theautomatic processing and you'll just have to deal with interpret the evidence of the analyzes.

The COMPLEX method
If the processing is not successful you can use the manual entry procedures on predefined schemes or procedures reserved for expert users. In any case you can ask for assistance at the Service Center