SME consultancy for accountants

The elaboration of the Business Plan and the Cash Budget of SMEs

Dedicated to Professionals and Corporate CFOs

This last appointment of Master in Consulting for SMEs it is an opportunity for all professionals and company CFOs to deepen the theme of planning.

During the Webinar we will show with real examples such as:
  1. Identify and process i historical accounting data (any source)
  2. Customize the reclassification model
  3. Perform the analysis for Indices, of the DSCR, of the strengths and attention points
  4. Process the OIC Cash Flow Statement
  5. Process the business plan and simulate various scenarios
  6. Estimate cash flows and attractiveness for the banking system

The session is also open to those who have not participated in the previous lessons of the Master.

Theoretical session speaker:
Michele moglia - Advisor at

Practical session speaker:
Alessandro Fischetti - Leanus administrator

Giampiero Circles - Professional Accountant in Business

Watch the webinar recording here