BUSINESS PLAN… from theory to practice!

The Business Plan is the most complex financial year in the company and is often approached hastily, both in the economic and financial aspects, focusing mainly on the revenues, and in the strategic aspects, not fully grasping the opportunities given, intrinsically, the drafting process itself and the possibilities of scenario simulation (so-called sensitivity analysis).

In this webinar we support, in collaboration with inFinance, the essential aspects of content, at the base of a conscious process of drafting a business plan (Economic, Patrimonial and Financial), operational aspects, through a versatile online tool.

The problems involved in creating a business plan are, in fact, particularly complex and the user of technical tools, however advanced they are, in any case it needs to have a full understanding of the logics and aspects of detail at the basis of the design of a business plan.

Alessandro WHISTLES - Leanus Administrator
Ivan LEAF - Executive Partner at Finance


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