online webinar on smes

The analysis of SMEs in Emilia Romagna

Are approximately 30.000 le companies with revenues exceeding 500.000 euros which collectively generate beyond 160 billion in revenues and lead the region to the third place in the national ranking, after Lombardy (440 billion) and Veneto (170 billion).

The photograph, shown on the occasion of the Motor Italy conference on 15 April last, has highlighted a healthy territory made up of both large companies known internationally, and from about 27.000 companies that generate revenues of less than 10 million euros.

During the webinar, Alessandro Fischetti, Leanus Administrator, will go into detail on the characteristics of these companies and will show the logic used for carry out the impact simulations deriving from the health emergency and especially how that impact affects businesses in very different ways, which often They DO NOT depend on the sector they belong to but from specific characteristics of the individual realities.

The analysis of SMEs in EMILIA ROMAGNA