INDEX ANALYSIS - Indices, KPIs, Crisis Indicators, DSCR, MCC Band

The advantage of indices is that they are synthetic, their defect is that they are synthetic ".

With this sentence by Michele Moglia we could summarize this webinar in which we have deepened, with many examples and real cases, what are the main financial ratios, how they should be calculated and interpreted and in what situations they could give a misleading representation of the financial dynamics and therefore of the company's assessment and creditworthiness.

How are the monetary cycle indices with cash flow? How many ways are there to calculate the DSCR? Which ones reference thresholds to decide? Why not decide only with the DSCR?

These are the insights made in the exercise session which ended with a real case of using indexes AQR and LOM for monitoring a portfolio of 1000 companies.


Theoretical session speaker
Michele WIFE - Advisor at

Practice session speaker
Stephen CARRARA - Leanus Administrator

not ready yet
Cristian FUSILI - CEO BGWorld srl


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