analysis of companies and markets
Analysis and evaluation of financial statements, benchmak, business plan, crisis code, Lom For Banks, Companies and Professionals

Why is Leanus convenient?



You can analyze the 100% of companies. If the accounting data exists, then you can analyze it in real time

You can only analyze the companies present in the DB or perform the manual upload

You can process proprietary sources in real time in any format (XBRL, XLS, XML, CSV, PDF)

Loading is usually manual

You can customize the reclassification criteria and make adjustments

The analysis models are static

You can search for the Benchmark and analyze the markets without opening Excel

The sectoral analyzes are predetermined by the supplier

You can develop the Business Plan yearly and monthly in one session

Generally the balance sheet analysis and benchmark and business plan processing functions are not integrated

You can elaborate professional reports which include the effects of yours simulations

Reports are predefined and static

All analyzes and indices - DSCR, Crisis Code, Sectoral indicators, System
bank alerts, LOM, Enterprise Value, etc.. - they are available both on historical data and for the Benchmark and Business Plan

The analysis model is limited

Leanus Agrees!
A single fee to analyze all businesses and perform in-depth analysis without opening Excel.

400.000 Analysis of CE, SP, RF, Indices and much more

400.000 report

Endless searches on the DB (Excluded only in services for purchase consumption surveys, protests and other commercial information)

The cost depends on the number of analyzes or the number of clicks

One of our consultants will show you how Leanus works and features.

Find out how Leanus works thanks to this video