Budget analysis: some useful tips

The analysis of a company of any size is a complex business that it requires the ability to analyze and interpret. A company's risk profile or value cannot be summarized by just a few indicators or an algorithm. To evaluate a business, you must first evaluate the completeness and correctness of the data used for the analysis (Source), reorganize them in order to best represent the company, analyze its history (trend analysis), place it inside your own competitive environment (Benchmark), evaluate the possible trend and the effects of strategies and market conditions (Business Plan), analyze the corporate structure, shareholdings, the presence of negative events or press news.

Leanus allows you to do all this in a few moments, starting from the sole search of the company by name or VAT number. The “Home” Menu is the Control Tower from which the analyst can monitor all movements and choose which aspects to investigate.


NOTE: The Leanus platform is constantly renewed and the individual functions are constantly updated. Some features shown in webinars may have consequences that were not yet available at the time of registration.